Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yeah!!! christmas

wow what a christmas.... i got all kinds of fun stuff. last night mommy read the night before christmas to me. i cant wait for christmas again. i got gifts in the mail.... does santa work for ups? i think i'll ask him next year if i'm brave enough to sit on his lap. check out what i got......

i got this cool rug for my cars from grandma & pappa branley

mommy and daddy got me these cars for my rug

i love magnets..... mommy and daddy did good

these markers and crayons are easy for me to hold.... its mess time

look books and animals favorite
this gift was from was cold when i opened it
i like puzzles these shapes look hard....but i can do it
YEAH! a fuzzy puzzle

a read-a-long book with cars, i could get used to that

mommy and daddy can thank aunt ginny for the noisy farm

look at these new shoes....thanks grandma bonnie and grandpa bruce

i love madagascar......this one is the christmas edition

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