Sunday, January 18, 2009

i want this same picture when i come home for my birthday in june

Antelope Island

mommy and daddy had taken me to Antelope island on the Great Salt Lake. every were we drove we saw lots of buffalo. i was so excited alls i could say was "moo moo moo".

mommy wanted daddy to get me a bit close.....but daddy was alittle uneasy about that

later we went to see the beach and try to find salt crystals

at the beach daddy found a big ball.....but i couldnt get it to bounce

on the other side of the island was an old farm

we found an old wagon.....wheres the engine?

mommy let me chase the chickens

mommy had to help me down the rocks at the visitor center

i found these buffalo all over the island....kinda reminds me of the pike place pigs

on our way back across the bridge we saw a big hawk sitting on a side of the road

i cant wait to go back again......moo moo moo