Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the people i miss

these pictures are in no special order ( except aunty Cori )

my favorite.... no introduction needed

Gandpa Bruce and Grandma Bonnie

Gandma Betty and Pappa Doug

i love my GG

Gandpa Rob

aunt Jacky ( i had no picture of uncle ron )

aunt Ginny ( i had no picture of uncle pat)

it's no fun without Criss and Morgy , they kept mommy and daddy
busy while Jack and I raised hell

my partner in crime, Jack

this is my uncle David, he's cool....but not as much as aunty Cori
cousin Johsia showed me were all the candy was

aunt Emily......she's the crazy one

i cant wait for uncle Ken to come visit and take me to see the trains

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  1. Kissing up to me will get you everywhere & everything!